Acts Of Worship

the other

Strange, yet familiar. The image of the Other evokes a strong reaction, one of uncertainty. Alien and unknown, one does not know whether to move toward or away from the stranger. Primitive cultures saw the Other as an enemy, to be destroyed; more cohesive cultures saw the other as an emissary, bringing new ideas or new energy to the group after a ritual purification. The Other assumes the role of a creator and a destroyer, the bringer of change, a mirror to those unknown, foreign parts of ourselves. By integrating the known with the unknown, the Other helps us achieve wholeness. 

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Our desire for an object is understood through our reflection on it. By reflecting upon our desire for an object, the object appears in our thoughts for consideration; our consciousness creates a representation of an object, then a reflection upon it, or an “intuition.” Desire is the condition for encountering any and all objects, and it can only be observed in reflection. Objects appeal to our senses; if they hold any meaning, it is in and through their materialness. When we encounter an object it makes a demand upon us and we respond. Reflection distances itself from desire by representing the object; in order to be understood, the representation of a particular object is then placed in a context by the viewer. 

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Cultural Landscapes

Cities, man-made systems and structures in the midst of natural surroundings, often called cultural landscapes, delimit civilization from the wilderness and offer solidity and continuity for mankind apart from the chaos of the natural world. Cultural landscapes represent our cultural evolution and conscious attainment, often organized around gathering places, layered with the remains of other civilizations, strewn with symbols of man's achievements as well as records of man's decline. 

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​Larry Stone  
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Symbol, Meaning and Ritual In Contemporary Art