Acts Of Worship

Symbol, Meaning and Ritual In Contemporary Art

​Acts of Worship is a series of online and "pop-up" exhibitions referencing the name of Yukio Mishima's anthology of short stories. As is the case with each of the stories in the anthology, each work in this exhibition becomes an individual "act" of art-making within a collection of "acts."  

​The featured artists in these exhibitions create work that is an explication of the art-making process; as such, each work serves as an artist's narrative and as an embodiment of a ritual: meditation, sequencing of action, application of action, and reflection. Generally, these works should be viewed both as individual expressions of meaning and also as a collective elaboration on artistic intent, much the same way as one would view an anthology of stories or poetry. 

Request additional information about the art through the Contact page on this website or by contacting the artists directly through their representatives.

Larry Stone, Artist/Curator